The Amazing Stupendous Tree House        -       Electronic Pitch Package

The Amazing Stupendous Tree House

WGA# 1383461, WGA# 1426019

Copyright 2012

Executive Summary Brief


  Imagine, "The Tonight Show" meets Sesame Street.  The Amazing Stupendous Tree House will be the first "ORGANIC TALK SHOW" styled edu-tainment program created with young children and their parents in mind. More so,This daily  program was created to empower and educate young females, who are the most under served in the television community.  This program offers a similar show style compared to its talk show predecessors. It is hosted by its cool female puppet, Parisia Powerhouse and co-hosted by 1 of its 7 multi-talented 8-14 year-old ethnically diverse females, "The C.H.I.C.K.S. (The Cool, Hip, Intelligent, Charismatic, Knowledgable, Sisterhood), who will take turns (per episode) opposite of the show’s host and sidekick puppet, Xero Goofball.  This show will focus on learning about nature, animals, science, technology, kid friendly entertainment, and children's lifestyles all around the world in the most astounding and humorous manner ever presented to youth.

 A  Typical 22 Minute Episodic Breakdown; After the hostess’s monologue, the house band (comprised of puppet animals) is manipulated to simulate the playing of instruments.  Next, the main guests (Real Life or CG) will enter into the virtual studio for a sit-down interview with the female puppet hostess and one of our co-hostesses.  The main guest will participate in the entire program.  Nest, our second guest (Real Life or CG) will come in studio or beam in via "The Tree House Web Cam" to tell their story and/or to pitch their product.  Then, the show will present one of several segments featuring; “The Nosey Team”, crazy and looney puppet correspondents, "Silly and Embarassing Moments", "Check out what i can do"etc.   In addition, it will serve as the first platform for professional child and/or animated stars to promote their latest projects.  Lastly, each show wraps with a musical performance, or music video, by either a CG controlled image or live action entertainer(s) performing a song covering everything from hip-hop, pop, country, comedy, and spoken word and then is will close with "The End Credits Race" around the studio with all of the crew, cast, guests, and characters that were involved in the making of that particular episode.

  The Amazing Stupendous Tree House will fill a void by bringing an innovative edge to children's television programming by presenting the show in this one of a kind format with its contemporary feel to the families of the world. The Amazing Stupendous Tree House will be a show that will span many generations leaving a feeling of fulfillment and nostalgia for the youth for ages to come. 

Because of its one-of-a-kind format, The Amazing Stupendous Tree House is created for the sophisticated and tech savvy children of the world and it will have the potential to become the single GREATEST Cross-Promoting Juggernaut allowing all types of characters and products access to publicize their child-friendly brand on our stage.


  The Amazing Stupendous Tree House” Project is seeking investments for;

  • The production and completion of a full episodic season completed in our own green screen studio. 
  • Acquiring an established "kid show" director to lead the team. 
  • Retaining a very reputable attorney that has an extensive background in children’s television and marketing.
  • Creating a new genre of kid music, for purchase, entitled "Munchkin Moo-siq" with associated music videos. 
  • Heavy internet promotions.
  • Creation and manufacturing our own merchandise with our partners in Indonesia and Taiwan.
  • Creating alliances with many children’s organizations and touting our show as a new educational tool.
  • Securing celebrities to join the cast, and so much more!

  * The project will be targeted for worldwide licensing and distribution and will have a very diverse, multi-genre, children’s soundtrack with original music from the show performances and videos featuring the show’s hostesses, performers from episodes, and child friendly talent from around the world- "Munchkin Moo-Siq"
                                                                          Our Trusted Life-Brand is ESE 

(Educational, Safe, and Entertaining)


  • The investor will get First Position and will receive the ROI from the initial net proceeds received from the exhibition of the aforementioned project. 
  • The repayment will be 100% of the initial investment plus a negotiated interest return, in exchange for a negotiated equity position of the show/brand.
  • We plan on taking advantage of the Georgia 30% Film, television and digital entertainment tax credits.

*Investors should anticipate their money being tied up for a minimum period of 18 months. 

                                                                          Enjoy the Stupendous  Videos!

For much more information contact;            Shaheed Jackson.  President/CEO                Madd Cam-Fusion Entertainment Group, LLC

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