Our Trusted Life-Brand is ESE 

(Educational, Safe, and Entertaining)

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The Amazing Sizzle Reel - 90 seconds of extraordinary fun and kid friendly swagger.

The Amazing Stupendous Tree House DEMO is the newest trailer to this cutting edge kid show. - 8min 25sec

A Stupendous interview with Reptile Wrangler Ken from Season 1 Episode 2 (Long Version) - 7min 1sec

"This is How We Do" 14 Carrot Crew feat. The Cute Kidz.  A cool song from our new music genre "Munchkin Moo-siq" - 3min

The Amazing Trailer is a bite-size version of the incredible potential the show will deliver. This is the original trailer shot in 2009 - 8min 36sec

The Amazing Next Episode is a fun smidgen of creativeness for the children to enjoy! This is the second trailer shot in 2009 - 3min 44sec

The Beats the Trees is a innivative performing duo that will be featured on the show in  several episodes. "Munchkin Moo-siq" - 2min 30sec