Merchandise Opportunity

Our Trusted Life-Brand is ESE 

(Educational, Safe, and Entertaining)

We are very excited to announce we will have the rare luxury to create and license our own line of bean toys associated with the show, "The Amazing Plushies", with our partners in Indonesia.  "The Amazing Plushies" are the super cute studio audience for the show.  They will be manipulated during each episode by our puppeteer team to give them a live action feel.  To bring them to market, we will implement a creative and strategic plan to manufacture our plush crowd for our personal distribution.   One part of our plan is to market them as unique, television seasonal, toys in an effort to make them into a collectors items with several of them being more rare than others.  We plan on making our toys very affordable at $5 dollars per "Plushie" and seasonally exclusive with row number, seat number, and the corresponding television season embroidered in different places on the body of each.  The packaging will serve an additional purpose and will double as one of the auditorium seats that they will be seated in on the show.  So as our customers purchase more and more "Plushies", they will eventually have the full auditorium crowd from the corresponding television season sitting in their attachable seats.  So imagine of how "Amazing" it will be for a child to have the full set of "Amazing Plushies" crowd in her bed room when she performs her favorite song from the "Munchkin Music Collection"!   

In addition to our incredible opportunity to create our "Amazing Plushies", we have partnered with a team in Taipei Taiwan that will develop and manufacture  our own Stupendous headphones collection called "eARs".  This extremely cutting edge brand will be a craze for children and adults alike because of its cute and funky designs.  Using the same aforementioned creative and strategic plan to manufacture our one of a kind headphones, we will bring a flavor to the headphone marketplace that will create an awe-inspiring buzz.  To the left is one "Species" of many "Species" which we will create.  We will also plan to make "eARs" unique brand headphones very affordable in an effort for it to become part of the ensemble for that visionary child to wear a different set everyday.