"The Amazing Stupendous Tree House" is in the business of creatively educating, primarily, young girls by utilizing the most innovative way imaginable.  This show will teach children all about the natural world, science, and technology, from every walk of life by putting a voice to the voiceless subjects it will interview.  "The Amazing Stupendous Tree House" plans on being an extremely compelling young female empowering kid show which is desperately needed for all communities.  The show will also serve as a springboard for the under appreciated child entertainers that don't get invited on the nightly talk show circuit.  This show will give the aforementioned subjects a place to display their talents, projects, and/or lifestyles for an audience that will adore the content they bring to the show.  "The Amazing Stupendous Tree House" is righting a wrong that no one realized existed.  It will make education something a child looks forward to everyday.  Our Trusted Life-Brand is ESE 

(Educational, Safe, and Entertaining)